Thursday, August 6, 2009

August 6, 2009

I attended a meeting with Mayor Pittman, Mike Reynolds and one of Mobile's most respected real estate brokers this afternoon to find suitable property for some of our incoming business prospects. Then Sam Rawls from Public Works and I drove down to the Mobile Chamber Of Commerce to talk with Herman Tinsley about our final preparations to widen the second bridge on Viaduct Road for safer and wide-load capable trucks. This modification is needed to match up with the road widening already funded as a project for Viaduct Road.
I was particularly pleased to hear that Representative Randy Davis was sucessfully able to get Chickasaw the $59,000 needed to repair the roof of the library and civic center. These repairs have been sought after for some time. Tonight, the 2010 Smalltown committee headed by Jennifer White met to discuss preparation for this October's Sale event and the combination Founders Day / Smalltown Alabama week occuring in October 2010 at Millers Park.
In addition, my sweet little granddaughter arrives tonight with her mommy and daddy to spend the weekend with us. So, for the next three days expect candid shots of the little one.

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