Monday, August 3, 2009

August 3, 2009

Today at Kiwanis we held our monthly business meeting and heard from a youth counselor, Brook Duprey, a protege who's program we had helped to fund. We also learned, quite by accident, that while we were paying Kiwanis International right on schedule; we had missed Kiwanis Alabama. Who knew? Also under the heading of strange news, they had to call the police at our mayors new building when a landscaper showed up "higher than a kite" and began driving the tractor over top of the freshly sodded grass.
Later in the afternoon I met with the code inspector to pick up necessary paperwork on the new Dollar General store who wants to open on Highway 43 in front on the Pine Cone Apartments. They would like to be in occupancy by the last of November, so we will bring it up for a vote tomorrow night at the Commercial Development Board Meeting. One of the other board members looked at the paperwork this afternoon and I will email information to the rest so everyone will have advanced input on the project.

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