Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4, 2009

Today there was a meeting of the Chickasaw Garden Club where discussion of plantings in the medium of Highway 43 at Brooks Park reached a fevered pitch. There were those who wanted Crape Myrtle trees and those who wanted lower profile shrubs to avoid blocking anyones view that are turning west into the park. Good homemade sandwiches and lemonade were provided by Ed and Marilyn Jones.
Tonight was a culmination and summary by Ephraim Stockdale of Phase I of the city's Strategic Planning sessions, The key stakeholders and general public were invited to witness (2) two new businesses being voted into Chickasaw: Trappers Restaurant at 601 Hwy. 43 and Dollar General at 288 Hwy. 43. The Commercial Development Board finished their voting process before turning the floor of City Hall over to Sherrie Graham, Ephraim Stockdale of Alabama Power, Mayor Byron Pittman and Councilwoman Jennifer White. All four speakers made statements of Chickasaws progress over the last fifteen months and answered questions from the audience members who had received a strategy report. Pictured are Ephraim Stockdale addressing the meeting. The second photo is Stockdale, Pittman and Hayward.

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