Wednesday, August 19, 2009

August 19, 2009

Good news. . . the system at J.C. Davis auditorium is finally installed (see last picture for location of speakers on either side of the stage) By the time I finished that, approximately 4:30 PM, I had just enough time to get to the cleaners and the store before heading to the Chickasaw Industrial Development Board. Tonights meeting featured Port Of Chickasaw Business owners and members of the Fire dept., Maintenance, and Council. We decided to schedule our next Consortium with the Port on November 18, 2009. Speaking to us tonight was Terry Gilchrist, Harbormaster, for the Port of Mobile. He addressed many questions about TWIC cards (a security identification for transportation workers) and Coast Guard as well as Department Of Home Security rules. (Top two pictures are Terry Gilchrist and members attending tonights event.)

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