Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29, 2009

Friday was a travel day for me with a 6-1/2 hour trip to Columbia, Tennessee where I attended Military School. I serve on the Alumni Board and the 29th was one of our semi-annual meetings to plan next years events. It is customary for us to meet at Legends Steak House for a bite to eat. (last picture) Saturday morning we met at 10:00 AM in Academy Hall to hear the new President of Columbia Academy, Dr. James Thomas, speak. (Columbia Military was purchased in 1979 by Columbia Academy, a Christian boys and girls school) Dr. Thomas wanted to seek the
old alumnus help in re-roofing Academy Hall. The projected cost is $52,000. and we voted to donate $5,000. to the Academy for that purpose. They are also going to apply for a historic grant and ask the County for help. Our group, two years ago, took on the task of completely renovating the old guard house built in 1890 and turning it into a museum. (see pictures of outside and inside of guard house)

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