Friday, August 14, 2009

August 14, 2009

I tested the main speakers and mixer for the new J. C. Davis auditorium this morning, but due to a malfunction in the city's scissors lift, we didn't get to hang them. I had to spend a good deal of the afternoon making up cables. This evening, almost by accident, Deborah happened to tune in to an hour special on Neil Diamond which we both thought was pretty awesome. I had the occasion to meet Neil back in 1976 when I was building speakers for a living. He was on the way from Cleveland, Ohio to Atlanta, Georgia for a concert at the Fox Theatre when his equipment truck overturned in southern Ohio and destroyed his 6 ft. tall bass subwoofers. His road manager called the Atlanta promoter and asked if there was a speaker builder available and my
name was given to him. There was only four days before the concert, but they overnighted the basic plans and I was lucky to find four of the exact model of JBL speakers in a local music store. The plan called for two side by side JBL 15" woofers mounted to a one inch plywood baffle with
two 3 ft. foot exponential flares on both sides covering about 3" of each side of the woofers. The best part of the story is: I delivered the subwoofers, got paid AND got second row tickets and backstage passes.
Mr. Diamond was gracious, friendly and thanked us profusely.

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