Wednesday, August 26, 2009

August 26, 2009

Last night, everyone in attendance at the council meeting was delighted when a representative from Wal-Mart showed up with a 2 ft by 5 ft. check made out to City Of Chickasaw for $1,500. I knew they would reward us for all the spending Deborah and I do up there someday. The council was also presented with the new business license ordinance for next year, to review by the next session and they adopted a resolution to make the red rose the city flower. Today was a "day-off" for Deborah so we got the Mazda Miata serviced and while Dean McCrary was doing their thing, we visited an old friend, Don Cole, who was in town doing video training at Atlantic Video. Don used to work for me at my Atlanta store and sold to all the big studios such as Akon,
Keith Sweat, Doppler and Southern Tracks. We drove downtown to Serda for coffee, then over to our favorite Swiss-German restaurant: La Rose in the GM&O building. Max Zeullig (the owner) is a fun person to talk with; He was a little depressed today because Ted Kennedy had passed away and he had cooked for Kennedy and Jimmy Carter several years ago. That led me into my story about installing a sound system, purchased by President Carter for his church in Plains, Georgia and we talked for almost an hour as we "wolfed-down" our delicious veal sausage and sauerkraut sandwiches. Max had even worked for the CIA at one time, but I knew if we got into that story we would still be in the GM&O bldg.

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