Tuesday, August 11, 2009

August 11, 2009

Last evening Deborah and I attended the Historic Society meeting where we got to share an evening with Ed Baxley discussing the World War II years in this area. Many ships loaded with supplies for our armed forces overseas were sunk by German U-Boats patrolling the waters just a few miles from Mobile Bay. He recounted a book "Isle Of Saints" written by Andy Anderson which dealt with a woman who had lost her husband during the war and came upon a wounded German sailor on Orange Beach. At first she was overcome with rage and beat him as he lay there unconscious on the sand. Then seeing that he was still alive she dragged him to her home and decided to treat his wounds before she turned him in to the local police. Of course, as they got to know one another they fell in love and lived many years together. Ed would not reveal the ending, but suggested that we check out the library copy or purchase the book. It was good to have a full house for the event.
Tonight is council meeting at City Hall.

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