Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23, 2009

After church this morning, Deborah had to leave for work and I wanted a good cup of coffee to keep me awake through the afternoon. Usually I head for Moka in Saraland, but I felt no restraint for time, so I drove downtown to Serda's. As I was leisurely reading Lagniappe Magazine, an army Sergeant, on leave, walked in for a cup and set down at the table next to mine. It turns out he has been fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and he had some interesting stories. The main point I took away from the conversation is that the new regime can't make up it's mind how many troops are enough and he has been caught twice with seven or eight soldiers
taking on thirty or more terrorists at one time. Fortunately air support was quick enough to keep them alive, but just barely. Does America have the stomach to clean up these 911 jerks or just cut and run? Whoops! Maybe I've had too much coffee.

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