Thursday, August 20, 2009

August 20, 2009

The joint Chamber Of Commerce for Chickasaw and Saraland turned out very well. A great sound system (pat on back) and some terrific speakers (human type) The lunch was sponsored by Mobile Gas and was catered by Tyners. They brought an automobile powered by natural gas and Keith Fordham spoke on the impact this could have on our energy import problem. Allison Jackson and her little boy who had just gone through thirteen weeks of chemotherapy at Jude's Childrens Hospital spoke next asking that we support their walk for cancer to be held at Eastern Shore next month. Before Ron Sparks spoke, our mayor recognized special guests in the audience such as Judge Don Davis, Representative Randy Davis, Saraland Chamber Pres. Mandy Trout and Councilman Adam Bourne. Secretary Of Agriculture Ron Sparks gave an excellent presentation about how Alabamas food products serve the world. Tonight the municipal dinner was in Citronelle and we were treated to a wonderful shrimp, catfish and oyster dinner. The speaker for the evening was Donald Dees of the Mobile Co Personnel Board informing the cities that labor unions for city employees is practically a "done deal" under House Bill HR-413. I'm glad at least the food was good. (Dees in top picture folowed by Ron Sparks and your-truly, then Mayor Pittman)

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