Monday, August 17, 2009

August 17, 2009

Kiwanis today presented Dr. Dick Lightfoot from Victory Health Partners, a dedicated group of physicians and nurses who care for people who do not have health insurance, but need immediate medical care. Dr. Lightfoot related the story of a 20 year old patient of theirs that left a note for Jesus at the foot of a crucifix standing in the flower garden at Victory. The note explained how she had been locked in a garage, raped, beaten, burnt and abused as a child, but was giving her medical problems to Victory and her life to Jesus, because she did not want to deal with the guilt and shame anymore. Dr. Lightfoot and most of the Kiwanis had tears well up as he read the letter. We also shared the sad news of Louretha Nicholson's sister passed away last week. The wake will be Wednesday afternoon. This afternoon I attended a town hall meeting with Jo Bonner at City Hall. It was a packed house with police and fire dept having to refuse entry to any more citizens shortly before the start of the meeting. Questions were answered by Congressman Bonner from selected members of the audience. A very civil house listened to many very intelligent inquiries and the only negative responses were when Nancy Pelosi or Barney Frank's name was mentioned. The people, obviously anti Obama Health Plan
oriented were even courteous when a Prichard Concerned Citizen insinuated that Bonner wasn't keepiug the meeting on a "level" playing field. Pictured (top) Jo Bonner, (bottom) Dr Dick Lightfoot.

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