Sunday, September 27, 2009

September 27, 2009

Deb is still visiting Courtney and Debbie Jo, so after church I decided to do something I had not done since college. . . . yes you guessed it from the pictures; I went to a circus. Cotton candy? No thanks. . . not particularly good for a type 2 diabetic. I believe I'll have one of those $3. Diet Dr Peppers please! The animals seemed very tired and the tumblers were adequate. You remember what they say about circuses? Don't get close enough where you can see the seams
in the ladies stockings. . . . it spoils the effect! Overall it wasn't horrible; just a bit "seedy" looking. If you are interested for the kids, it's is uder the Big Top (come one-come all) at Hank Arron Stadium off Government Street. By the way, I inquired and they didn't need an unbearded fat man.

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