Friday, September 25, 2009

September 25, 2009

After doing some typing work for the Chickasaw Garden Club, I attended the Mobile Docks Maritime Meeting at the International Trade Club downtown. It was called to order by Smitty Thorn and Hal Hudgins VP of planning and security. The Port Of Mobile is the largest coal importer in the nation with most of it passing through McDuffie Coal Terminal. Smitty announced that the port facility on Pinto Island is scheduled to open in January. The massive 120 ft. cranes (larger than Mobiles current cranes) shipped out of China today and are on their way to Mobile. While the port moved 296,500 tons of aluminum this year, up from the 144,000 tons last year,; steel, however is down from 1.2 million tons to 437,000 tons this year. Coal is also down slightly due to the price of natural gas reaching a new low, making it profitable for power plants to switch over. It was announced that dredging is continuing for berths and the new "turn around" being built. The 2007 grants are being implemented, with 2008 grants offering 2.8 million dollars available.
Rick Schwein, new Alabama Director of the FBI gave a report that Bin Laden and Al Swaheiri are still alive and well in Northern Pakistan and continue with their plan to turn the middle east and then the rest of the world toward 13th century Islamic Radicalism. Terrorism is particularly active in Yemin, Ethiopia, and now Somalia. What we in lower Alabama must watch for is lower tier converts through the internet such as Al Riki from Daphne who recently moved to Afghanistan to become a propaganda expert for Bin Laden.
Finally the Swine Flu, N1H1, was discussed as a pandemic. With 6 billion doses of vacine requested WORLDWIDE, only 3 billion will be able to be delivered this year. They should arrive in mid October. Until that time, the Surgeon General is recommending that companies tell their employees: "If you feel sick. .. .stay home. If you have a fever, don't come to work until 24 hours after your fever has broken."

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