Wednesday, September 23, 2009

September 23, 2009

I learned this week about an organization called ACT (Alliance for Community Trees) a group sponsoring: National Neighborwoods Month for the month of October. The mission is to support grassroots citizens dedicated to urban and community tree planting, their care and public education. This group has already united 175 cities to plan over 500 projects of tree planting during this coming month. The organization offers free banners, tool belts, ribbons and posters and is backed by The Home Depot which offers $500. mini-grants to make the event successful.
Chickasaw could use new trees, such as Cedar, Arborvitae and Crape Myrtle in places like Brooks Park and many subdivision entrances. I feel this would be a perfect project for the Chickasaw Garden Club to undertake. Speaking of the Garden Club, Marilyn Jones gave me a wonderful Night Blooming Cereus to surprise my wife today. Deborah is quite happy, needless to say.

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