Thursday, October 29, 2009

October 29, 2009

At 1:30 PM I met fellow Garden Club and council member at Chickasaw School Of Math & Science to participate in a National Neighborwoods Tree Planting for the month of October,
We brought our GOLD "ground breaking" shovel to dig an appropriate excavation for the tree.
After clearing a four foot circle, we started down with our main hole and hit a water pipe. Not letting that deter us. we moved about a foot away and this time hit a sewer line. Now we were getting annoyed and very tired,, but moved another two feet to a "no-pipe" area. Finally we let the kids put potting soil in the bottom and placed our Gardenia . The children helped fill in the root surround and we watered it in. There were two blooms on the plant so we broke off the flower so all could smell it. Several photos of the children for the National magazine press and we were finished with that project.
Later in the afternoon I met with our code inspector to go over plans for the expansion of an
existing business who wants to add a washateria and retail store. This rennovation will occur after the first of the year.

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