Friday, October 23, 2009

October 23, 2009

I was invited to go with Mayor Pittman to attend a Envision meeting at the Mobile Chamber of Commerce this morning. The purpose was to stimulate an interest in Mobile County's smaller cities to encourage walking and bike riding within the communities. Not only for the purpose of saving fuel (65% of people take their cars to go less than a mile) but to promote bicycles for muscle toning and to curb obesity in children. Sharon Roerty shared a "power point" video for the mayors, while Wendy Allen and Charlene from Smart Coast Development handled questions.
I was able to point out to Senator Vivian Figures that Chickasaw has approved a sidewalk ordinance and that we have a community garden primarily plowed and cared for by John Harrell. We were reminded by Sharon that Blue Cross/Blue Shield has shown interest in helping develop bike paths for the results gained in "preventive medicine". There will be a small town meeting to discuss the Hwy 43 corridor 5:00 PM November 5 in Creola.

(pictured is Senator Figures being presented with a book from Sharon Roerty and a shot of the right side of the table)

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