Wednesday, October 14, 2009

October 14, 2009

I drove up to Satsuma to visit with a few of my friends and was impressed with the excitement and determination involved with the citizens regarding the city's 5oth Anniversary celebration.
They had some beautiful paintings submitted for the posters and the 5K run at 3:30PM on the 17th will be amazing. It is being held at that time so students can participate and witness the event.
I had some old church clients from North Carolina call as well as a University in Florida both looking for wireless microphones. This time of the year, churches are stocking up for Christmas plays and cantatas and the colleges are right in the middle of their performing arts semester.
Of course I also had to pick up supplies for Deborah to make her (maybe not world famous, but Tom Hayward famous) banana pudding for the Chamber Of Commerce meeting tomorrow.

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