Thursday, October 22, 2009

October 22, 2009

Before it got too warm and before the rain was scheduled, I schlepped down to Springhill Golf course to hit some balls. Our Kiwanis golf tournament is coming up at the first of the month and it's a mortal sin how bad you can get in a year without practice. Our foursome seldom does any playing until the month of November rolls around each year.
The afternoon was spent invoicing clients and trying to get an easement corrected for AnaMarie Palla on property that abuts Viaduct Road around the GAO plant. Apparently the easement was adopted in 1994 before that section was turned over to the City Of Chickasaw. It was designated as an area for transporting chemicals by underground pipe, but the maps of their route seem to be incorrect. I have turned Ms. Palla over to our City Code Inspector, who should be able to find the correct documentation. Tomorrow is crammed with meetings.

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