Sunday, January 31, 2010

January 31, 2010

We attended early (8:30 AM) mass today and afterwards helped host a breakfast sponsored by the Parish Council. Then it was off to "Family Day" at the Order Of Athena's Mardi Gras Float Barn down on Gayle Street in Mobile. There was an open cash bar, hot dogs, burgers and a cake auction which Deborah was highest bidder for her favorite sour cream pound cake. Blow-up Moon Walks for the kids and tons of items to purchase for the parade: Beads by the bundle, four foot high plastic bags of 2 oz. peanuts to throw from the floats and tons of Athena plastic glasses.
Deb was assigned to the "Pagent Girls" float and picked up her costume. Athena rolls Mardi Gras Day at 10:00 AM, Route A. (pictured are Deb and Sara Jane Whitley, a fellow Athena member)

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