Sunday, January 17, 2010

January 17, 2010

After church, Deborah lit out for Montgomery to see Courtney (daughter) and Debbie Jo (that sweet, zany, little grand daughter) for a few hours of shopping bliss. Me, I stayed in Chickasaw and took in the last portrayal of "Harvey" the mystical rabbit. The play was probably presented in the forties, because I remember seeing the movie in the fifties starring Jimmy Stewart. Well it is still as funny as I remember. . . . with the local Sanitarium not knowing who to put into a padded cell and by the end of he play everyone was seeing Harvey. I particularly enjoyed the overzealous intern who either wanted to throw you into a whirlpool bath or "open up a can of "whup-ass" on you. The cast was perfectly picked. Another winner.

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