Tuesday, January 19, 2010

January 19, 2010

The city code inspector and I toured the facility behind BJ's Grocery this morning. It is a monster space with plumbing and setups for restaurant hoods. The client running BJ's would like to lease areas of it for a flea market. . . . furniture, clothes, crafts, snack shops etc. If advertised correctly, it could be a thriving selection of spaces.

Then there is the big story of the day: HUD has awarded a twenty million ($20,000,000.) grant to the City Of Prichard to destroy over 300 houses in Alabama Village and build new homes. Will these homes be for the same people or will they move them somewhere else. In my humble opinion, if they put the same people in the "new" Alabama Village, within ten years it will be the same as it is now. Just my opinion for which I will more than likely catch some flack.

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