Friday, January 22, 2010

January 22, 2010

I went to the Post Office to get a roll of stamps before I went to the drugstore with my prescriptions. When I got back to the car my prescriptions were gone. . . .vanished from the seat.

So a good deal of my day was calling my two doctors getting them to write new scrips. After a trip to the Police station to pick up permits for Dr. Ervin Dailey to have a "stop traffic and donate" Sunday for the Haitian people, I retreated to Springhill Country Club and hit a few balls with a friend. What a beautiful day; I wish I had brought my whole set of clubs. Returning home, I found my bride had gotten off early, so we went to pick up new prescriptions and went out to eat at Butch Cassidy's on Florida Street.

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  1. Tom, it's terrible that it's happening right here in Chickasaw! We have to be so very careful now. Sorry you were victimized.