Saturday, November 14, 2009

November 14, 2009

For many of you who have followed our Knights Of Columbus work on the fallen wall of Ruby Pierce's home caused by Hurricane Katrina, it was finally finished about two weeks ago. As Frank Coate and I were finishing the painting, we noticed that the garage had a rotten, split 2x6 main truss about to fall which could make short work of her car or even worse to a person if they were under the roof. Since we hadn't spent all the money allocated to the wall project, we went to the membership and asked to take care of the garage. It took from 8:30 AM this morning until 2:00 PM to finish, causing me to miss the Methodist Turkey Dinner, but I feel much better about Ruby and her two daughters.
Tonight Deborah and I attended the "Beetoven and Bluejeans" performance of the Mobile Symphony (where everyone including the symphony wears bluejeans). It, of course was great
with many encores and a splendid performance by conductor, Scott Speck.

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