Monday, June 29, 2009

June 29, 2009

At today's Kiwanis we honor George Givens on his receipt of the Hixon Award. We discussed the upcoming Police Awards and the Kiwanis sponsoring of the Chamber Of Commerce meeting July 16, 2009. That meeting will be catered by Market By The Bay and Ann Cunningham from Women's and Childrens Hospital will be the speaker. Kim Hastie (the 10 minute automobile tag lady) was supposed to be our speaker today, but she pulled a "no-show". This evening a firestation education meeting was held at the Civic Center to promote the need for a centrally located building which could serve the city for purposes of training, housing and EMS consolidation. This proposed project would be essentially funded by a grant and would be located at the corner of W. Lee and Kansas St. About 40 persons showed up and listened to Public Safety Director, Mike Reynolds, assisted by a power point video presentation.

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