Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June 23,2009

This was a day for checking applications from people wanting to start a business in Chickasaw. It appears hopeful that we will be getting another restaurant in the building where Yesterdays used to operate. This one will be open for breakfast, lunch and dinner serving a lighter fare such as salads, light sandwiches and free coffee for all seniors with a food order. We wish them success an hope they get their permit. January 29 will be a town hall gathering so the citizens of our city can offer their opinion about the design and grant contingencies concerning the new fire station, hopefully to be built at Kansas and Lee. Meeting is at the Civic Center and starts at 6:00 PM. Tonight's council meeting at City Hall dealt with several weed abatements and a visit from Prichard's Concerned Citizens Group who wanted to share with us the importance of Prichard's defunct Water and Sewer going with the Mobile Area Water and Sewer rather than a private concern. They assured us that the move toward Mobile Water would result in lower bills for Prichard AND Chickasaw.

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