Monday, June 15, 2009

June 15, 2009

At Kiwanis today we had an informative talk by Teresa Goolsby, our librarian and city Historian, extraordinaire. The State and Mobile County has prorated her funds about 10% which means she will be buying fewer books. This afternoon I went by to turn paperwork into the Code Inspector and to pick up addresses from our Maintenance Chief. There was a discussion engaged about informing the boating public that 2:00 PM July 4, 2009 the Brooks Park boat ramp and parking spaces would be closed for the picnic and fireworks display that night.
Later in the afternoon, being part of the committee for grant planning of a new firestation, I came up with some ideas for a building which would "fit" into our historical district decor. (see pictures) Later Deb and I visited our favorite sushi-man.

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