Thursday, June 25, 2009

June 25, 2009

This afternoon was a lesson about remembering what you have been told. . . twice I started down Sutherland from Myrtlewood Ave. to run head-on into stopped traffic where Kansas dead-ends into Sutherland. I wasn't mad because I'm extremely pleased that the "potholes" will be filled and we will have a smooth street again. But it did require my backing up and taking a parallel street to avoid the trucks.
When I was at Lowe's later on this afternoon buying paint, I heard a young girl scream then collapse into tears. At that point, we became aware that the "King Of Pop", Micheal Jackson, had passed away from cardiac arrest. No matter what anyone says about his personal life, THRILLER was a amazing album to be reckoned with.
This evening the Commercial Board cancelled one application for a car wash and welcomed the proposed opening of a new restaurant "Mama Lewis Diner" to be located at 119 West Lee Street. Can't wait to try it out July 1st!

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