Saturday, June 6, 2009

June 6, 2009

Deborah and I drove to Pensacola today to see the four-master sailing ship: "Juan Sabastian Elcano", the third tallest ship, docked at the Port Of Pensacola. The impressive ship is there to help celebrate the city's 450th anniversary. While we were there we traversed the Historic District and marveled at all the beautifully restored homes. One of the ideas that impressed us was the murals on the sides of structures. Here is a painting of an old firestation on the side of an otherwise "non descript" brick building. While we were in the old shopping district, we stopped a The Mole Hole (gift shop) to browse. As Deb paid for her purchases, I commented that I had an old manual National Cash Register just like hers. It turns out she bought the antique from a market three years after I sold my restaurant and club in Atlanta.
She asked the name of my club and I said "The Bistro". She shreaked and said she used to go the my club when she was dating her husband. Small world, eh. . . to wind up in Pensacola forty years later talking to one of your customers.

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