Tuesday, June 2, 2009

June 2, 2009

Yesterday was so busy, I forgot to blog. Kiwanis lunch was all about elections and perpetuating the Police award plaque presented every quarter. I had to check wire
installation at the church and give some (hopefully sage) advice to one of my studio clients in Atlanta. I was also presented with the sad news that my dear friend
(since 1969) passed away from lung cancer yesterday morning. Last night I took my bride to dinner and we tried to relax the remainder of the evening. Today was Garden Club with speaker Tom Darby from the Alabama Extension System. He's the coordinator for the Master Gardner Program. We listened to Ervin Dailey explain the profit balance from the Tomato Walk. Meanwhile, I went downtown to meet a
lawyer who is helping me probate my mother's will. That's a three hour chunk out
of my day. Deborah and I did some grocery shopping and returned home to feast upon the spoils.

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