Thursday, June 18, 2009

June 18, 2009

Todays big event was Chickasaw's "Citizen Of The Year" held at J.C. Davis Auditorium. This is an honor bestowed on a citizen who goes above and beyond, for their city. It is indeed an honor just to be nominated for this award. The three nominees were Leonard Bowman, Marilyn McPherson Jones and Barbara Pulliam. The honors went to Barbara Pulliam for all the work she does in our community. Our guest speaker was Atty. Gil Laden who has overcome a hearing handicap to become a successful lawyer and contributor to his fellow man. After the sound equipment was packed back up I needed to attend a Chickasaw Civic Theatre finance meeting. Then tonight, we head for a municipal dinner in Mobile. We had eight persons from Chickasaw at the dinner tonight sponsored by Mobile County. Mike Dean, Mobile commissioner spoke to us about the upcoming Air Force Tanker project that pits EAD in Mobile against Boeing. Ask your congressman to push for EAD/Northrup Grumman. Pictured is Deborah, Jennifer and Corrine at the dinner, then Tom and Barbara Pulliam and a look at the crowd today for Citizen Of Year.

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