Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 23, 2010

I was thankful to have the Regional Wastewater Coalition formally signed by its two current partners: Mobile and Chickasaw. Eventually, as the EPA forces the cities to move effluent and sewer water away from 3 mile, then 8 mile creek, the other towns such as Prichard and Saraland will have no other choice than to join the Regional Coalition. Their only remaining action would be a far more expensive disposal method at four to five times the cost projected
by the Regional Wastewater answer. A large diameter pipeline is proposed from Chickasaw and Mobile meeting around the vicinity of the Cochrane Bridge into the Mobile River. As cities tied on to the pipe further north of the Highway 43 corridor, their pipe would be somewhat smaller in diameter thereby less expensive. One of the nicer benefits of this wastewater control would be the freedom for our children and grandchildren to once again swim in the ChickasawBogue.

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