Sunday, March 21, 2010

March 21, 2010

After church Deb and I traveled to Fairhope for the Arts and Crafts Festival. It was a chillier day than yesterday, in fact somewhat darn cool when the wind gusted at about 30-40 knots.
But with a full sun, it was tolerable and fun. After hitting Deb's favorite store: "The Cat's Meow" and buying her a hat, we went to see the Train Show, down at the school on Church Street. My train club (SWARM) Southwest Alabama Area Railroad Modelers had a large "O" gauge set-up to offer the kiddies and adults as well. We circulated through most of the art booths and decided
to stop on the Causeway to dine on scallops and tuna at Original Oyster House. Of couse the day had to be topped off with coffee at Serda's. (note the GM&O model in the top picture)

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