Friday, March 12, 2010

March 12, 2010

This afternoon I had the honor to judge the Chickasaw School Of Math and Science 3rd grade "INVENTION CONVENTION". This is a showcase of projects that are started at the first of the year and includes: 1.) learning about inventors 2.) Finding an idea 3.) Research and planning 4.)Developing the idea and testing. The student then turns in a display board with a working example or prototype of their invention. You can not believe some of the ideas these third graders present. One was a game (like Monopoly) that taught the multiplication tables. Another was a bird feeder with a solar panel roof, powering a sound chip with recorded bird cheeps to entice birds to feed. I am flabbergasted to witness such inventive potential in children this young. On another interesting subject, the St. Thomas Knights of columbus will be having a sumptious fish fry tonight at 5:30PM.

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