Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26, 2009

I had some more tickets printed for the North Mobile Gumbo Cook-Off and issued some "complimentary" ones for use by WKSJ radio, who is going to help promote the
event as well as provide one of the judges. Tonight Deb and I attended the Chickasaw
Police "POP" Protect Our Property meeting. Public Safety Director Mike Reynolds gave us the concept of the program and had several of the officers and detectives speak about its merit.
For those of us that had not met: Bert (the narcotics dog), he was on hand to receive his applause. The idea is to record your serial numbers of TV's, Hi-Fi equipment, photos and descriptions of jewelry then submit the list to the department where they would be kept in a confidential file. This would allow the police to track your valuables at a pawn shop or in the possession of a burglar, plus they issue the home owner a sign which warns that all that owners possessions would be trackable, there-fore likely to aid in an arrest when an attempted sale was made. (pictures: head table
and some of the attendees)

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