Monday, March 2, 2009

March 2, 2009

Arriving at St. Thomas Church at 9:00 AM we took measurements of the EV speaker, then went to pick up the 25' high Genie Lift in order to attach the speaker to a roofing
truss. Several trips were necessary to pick up white paint, a 3/8" thick "flying" plate and assorted bolts. I took a one hour Kiwanis lunch break to hear Dr. Ervin Dailey report on his annual trip to Kiwanis Alabama located in Prattville. We spent the better part of the afternoon hanging the central EV speaker and soldering "speak-on" connectors to the cable attached to its back. At 6:00 PM I had to be at the Chickasaw Civic Theatre for a board meeting where a motion was made to appoint a negotiating committee to meet with the Mayor. Everyone involved will be so happy when this Theatre lease matter is completed.

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