Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March 11, 2009

Many of you have heard the news about the school board closing the Chickasaw School Of Math and Science. It has been weighing on me for the last week or so since our Consulting Company is one of their many benefactors. Deborah had already written a "letter to the editor" at the Mobile Press, but when I was told today that the principal of Clark Middle school and the school board along with the new superintendent had come up with this idea for personal as well as financial reasons, I couldn't stand by without expressing my view to the board. Whether this rumor is true or not, I fired off an email to our board member, Ken Meggisson and told him we would bring every power to bear (what little power I might have) to bring citizens to public hearings and sign petitions to alert all of Mobile what an insane decision this would be. Chickasaw School is a jewel in the crown of Mobile County schools and most of the City is quite upset. Five minutes had not passed before I received a call from Reverend Levon Manzie, one of the board, telling me he agreed with the citizens of Chickasaw. I am going to be attending the emergency meeting tomorrow evening arranged by Principal Michelle Adams to help her worthy cause.

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