Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April 27, 2010

A beautiful day for sitting outside and sipping a diet coke. Now all I have to worry about is how a momma cat crawled up in under my protective tarp and had her kitties in my boat. Not sure if I should move them (I don't want their mother to abandon them) or call the pound (that would almost ensure them being euthanized) I guess I will wait it out and see what happens. My cousin Jack called this morning to tell me that Cousin Sis died Sunday. She was special to
me, taking me on my first trip to New York City, at the age of 10, to see the Statue Of Liberty, the Empire State Building and to eat lunch at the AutoMat (that should give you a good idea of my age since the AutoMat has been closed for 50 years). I will get prepared to head out to City Hall shortly, since Council Meeting is tonight.

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