Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 28, 2009

This morning was allocated to a Chamber Meeting to lay out the tactics for the Gumbo Cook-Off's next to last week. More ads were printed and we voted on a banner and ad in Tri-City News. I had my photo taken for the newspaper (in my gumbo apron of course) and returned just in time to attend the Council Meeting scheduled for an early 5:00 PM time-slot. Recognition was given to the newly formed East Village Community Organization, which was presented by Tom Ray. The Silver Haired Legislature headed by Noco Howell will be having a farewell luncheon at Chickasaw United Methodist Church this Saturday at 11:30 AM. Not much was said about the Civic Theatre Board except the council acknowledging their receipt of the
letter sent by Nedra Bloom. After we adjourned, it was on to Vigor High School to learn that Chickasaw School will move to a renovated Clake School for K-3, then K-4 and K-5 in the succeeding years. All those currently in Clark will be transferred to Shaw and the old Chickasaw School Of Math and Science building will be deeded to the City.

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