Saturday, April 11, 2009

April 11, 2009

Today was our Chamber Of Commerce trip to Orange Beach and although only seven of us could make the trip, we thoroughly enjoyed it to a person. Mark Berson, the president of The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Chamber was very interesting and we spent over two hours asking him numerous questions. We left for Fairhope and had lunch at Market By The Bay. Horace and Bonnie Allen were kind enough to call ahead and after our meal they brought complimentary dessert for everyone. When we arrived back at the J.C. Davis auditorium we thanked Peggy for her splendid job as driver of the bus. As the afternoon progressed I was asked to attend a get-together
with the mayor and councilman. By the time I reached the house, Deborah was home from work and we ate and prepared the turkey and a lime jello salad for Easter Sunday. . . . . Happy Easter all! (picture on the bus and at lunch)

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