Thursday, April 23, 2009

April 23, 2009

I met our city code inspector at 9:00 AM to chat with a gentleman who has been loading grain and corn in Chickasaw without a business license. Now the Commercial Board will have to decide whether to clear his application to continue to do business here. Around 10:00 AM I spent a couple of hours with our mayor discussing general city business in relation to the chamber and commercial board. After an afternoon appointment, Deborah and I went to the University South, Mitchell Center for Campaign USA. where $93,499,000 dollars was raised for the school. They served a
wonderful dinner of roast beef, turkey, shrimp pasta, sushi and about forty other
accompaniments plus a full dessert bar and alcoholic beverage bar. Deb and I danced to a great ryhthm and blues band: The Tip Tops. The food and fun were so cool it almost bordered on being immoral.

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