Thursday, May 27, 2010

May 27, 2010

A scary incident in front of Dunhill at the Port Of Chickasaw today. About 1:00 PM, a tank car derailed on the tracks, apparently due to a mistake during the "switching" process. While no leaks were visible from this cameras viewpoint, proper precaution was exercised and the Chickasaw Fire Dept. along with the Saraland Hazmat Team were called in. A railroad or truck driven crane will be brought to the scene to place the tank car back on the tracks. This is an example of the potential problems that could possibly occur at the Port. If a derailed railroad car is blocking the the spot where Viaduct Rd. crosses the track and an explosion or fire starts beyond that point, it would be almost impossible for emergency vehicles to service that event. (camera shot by Sher Graham)

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