Thursday, February 25, 2010

February 25, 2010

Before my Commercial Board Meeting I went by the Auditorium to see how everything was going. The room was packed with bingo followers eager to make a "score" on some quick earnings. I talked with a couple of newscasters there and was told that the ex-policeman Bob Ingle who was convicted of molesting his stepdaughter, committed suicide late this morning. Aiden McElvoy, the biological father of the young girl is a well respected Chickasaw policeman.
At the Commercial Board we voted yes on allowing Melissa Herrin to open the Herrin Insurance Agengy on 409 N. Craft Highway (where the old Dearborn Motors used to be.) Ms. Herrin will specialize in Homeowners and casualty insurance for this community. Before you pay that next high home insurance payment, give her a call.

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