Sunday, December 27, 2009

December 27, 2009

After mass at our beautifully decorated St. Thomas church, I had coffee with a couple of friends at Serda's downtown. While the topic centered around returning Christmas gifts and getting what they really want plus the state of the economy, I couldn't help but notice that there hasn't been much work done on the VanAntwerp Building. I'm not saying that the Mobile work force is slow; maybe just a little "laid-back". It's like if they just strap some nylon restraints to the facade (the industrial version of duct tape) maybe some easy way of fixing the thing will come to them. In the meantime, many businesses in the area must be screaming: "Can we do something to help you?" Mayor Jones needs to turn on the "bat signal" if the metropolis needs help. (click on picture to view restraining straps on right side)

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