Saturday, May 2, 2009

Pancakes at 7:30 AM is usually not my way to start the day, BUT since this occasion was for a fenced in yard for a nine year old blind boy, I managed to rally the effort to defeat my laziness this time. By the size of the crowd, I would guess the lad got his fence with very little problem. This afternoons lunch was a farewell get together for Noco Howell and the members of the "Silver Haired Legislature" It was
an excellent turn-out and a delightfully good lunch prepared by the Chickasaw United Methodist Church. Todays speaker was Rep. Randy Davis who explained why the 4% food tax may not be the best idea for the state. He fielded questions about the school system, the racetrack and the stimulus program. At the close of the meeting Noco announced that all funds left in the group's account would go toward a scholarship for at least one lucky young person.

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