Saturday, May 16, 2009

May 16, 2009

There is nothing quite as rude as being awakened by an alarm clock at 5:00 AM unless it's being told you are pretty nice, for a fat guy. But, like a good soldier, I showed at 6:30 AM on the dot for my 6K run assignment. Then again, just in case you have been deluded into believing that I was one of the runners; just remember:
I would rather show up at 3 AM than try that. . . .there was a time, but that was light years ago. Stay on track, Tom. The race was a success with a gentleman from Africa taking first place and breaking a previously held record here in Chickasaw.
We (Kiwanis) gave out many Freedom Tee-shirts and of course, engraved awards
for the winners in each category. Red beans and rice, pizza, beer and water were
served afterward so everyone could "carb-up".
I spent the rest of the afternoon washing the SUV, going to Lowes for pine straw and cypress chips then coming home and dutifully cooking dinner for my bride.

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  1. You are a good citizen, Tom. We are so lucky to have you -- whether you can run or not!