Tuesday, June 22, 2010

June 22, 2010

The Industrial Development Board met at Catfish Junction along with the Port Of Chickasaw Consortium and several invited guests including Phil Snodgrass and Jim Taylor from the Coast Guard Liaison "Incident Command Post" (ICP), Ronnie Adair from EMA, Representative Randy Davis and Mayor Byron Pittman. Phil keynoted the luncheon discussion and took questions about the safety measures being prepared to keep oil out of the bay and Chickasaw Creek where the Port and Brooks Park are located. As to a hurricane in the Gulf, all we could do is remove the boom, most of the (900) extra ships in the Gulf and pray the surge and winds move little oil
inland. We would then need to survey the damage, ask BP to mitigate the heavy inflow and turn in claims to our business and personal insurance companies. The reason the
"top hat" restrictor atop the ruptured pipe cannot be completely closed off at this point is possible pressure build-up and rupture deep below the sea bottom, causing additional problems.

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