Friday, June 18, 2010

June 18, 2010

There was so much going on yesterday that I didn't have time to sign-on. But, this should bring you up to date. The Chamber Of Commerce "Citizen Of The Year" was a wonderful occasion to pay homage to a deserving Nell Autrey. Nell works for the city in charge of the "Meals On Wheels" program, also prepares meals for the Kiwanis, city Christmas and Easter celebrations as well as personally helping many poor and disadvantaged children at Christmas. Our guests were Representative Randy Davis, Mayor Byron Pittman and our featured speaker was Darwin Singleton from WPMI Local 15 TV News. We owe a great deal of thanks to First Baptist Church who provided their Fellowship Hall and their popular pastor, Dr. Creel to give the invocation. Deborah and I attended the Municipal Dinner last night, but we'll save those pictures for another day.

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