Tuesday, June 15, 2010

June 15, 2010

Just before the Auburn Urban League meeting was scheduled to start, I was on my way back from Saraland when out of nowhere, Chickasaw's finest stopped a "person of interest". heading northbound on Hwy. 43. While seeing the occasional speeder stopped in that area is no surprise,
it is a shock to see five police cars at one incident not involving an accident. I could only speculate that the guy really acted suspicious or that it was "just not his day." The presentation of Chickasaw's future with modified streets, new retail and business layouts was quite inspiring and gives us all an image to work toward. Just the concept should give us the tools to proudly attract new developers to our community. The Mayor gave an opening welcome and about forty citizens were in attendance. Cheryl Morgan did an outstanding job of explaining the possibilities.

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