Thursday, July 16, 2009

July 16, 2009

The Chamber Of Commerce luncheon was sponsored by Chickasaw Kiwanis Club and catered by "Market By The Bay" Our guest speaker was Carnes Craig, who enlightened us about the origin, purpose and goals of the organization. He reminded us that the Kiwanis motto is: "Children First, Priority One"
Since our Citizen Of The Year, Mrs. Barbara Pulliam had to relinquish her plaque in June for engraving, we were able to re-present her with the genuine finished product today. She says she has gotten many letters of congratulations and is enjoying her status as "special person" in the city. The Chamber recognized a guest, Donna Witherspoon, co-owner of our new restaurant,
Mama Lewis Diner located at 119 West Lee St. and door prizes were given out at the end of the event. In our board meeting prior to the lunch we voted on a $100. check for the East Village Restoration Society. A motion passed to secure business sponsors to donate school supplies for our three schools. Some of the school budgets have been cut back so far that there will not be enough crayons, pencils and paper to go around. Please call me or Cecilia Ann with supplies or money for them if you can help.

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