Monday, July 26, 2010

July 26, 2010

The Chickasaw Kiwanis met July 26, 2010 at the auditorium and our speaker was Janis Talbot.
Janis is an engineering school graduate with a colorful work history and an idea which has brought much happiness to some of the older widows or families in Chickasaw. Starting her career in Maryland, she worked for Martin Marietta on design and drafting parts for the Apollo Moon Project around 1966. She went on to become a landscape architect and worked in a a wine and deli shop in Belaire, MD. That stimulated an interest in the spirits business and she became a liquor distributor for eight years and finally opened a wine and deli shop in downtown
Baltimore. When Janis and her husband retired and moved to Mobile to be with their daughter, she decided she was not ready to sit around just yet, so they obtained their real estate license and have been a valuable asset to Chickasaw. Now to the idea she uses to bring comfort and a caring touch to the elderly citizens. . . she cuts flowers from her and neighbors yards to deliver (unexpectedly) to a person who may be reclusive or ill, just to show them they are important to the community and they have someone who cares. We could all learn a lesson from this selfless
act of "pay it forward" kindness.

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